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Queer Liberation Platform

In state legislatures across the nation, trans and queer right are under attack, with Black, brown, and undocumented trans and queer people facing higher rates of violence and greater risks of losing their home or healthcare. These attacks overwhelmingly focus on youth and schools — queer youth who are already at a much greater risk of homelessness, suicide, and assault — but they are only the beginning of a larger attack on queer identities and bodily autonomy. Our political system is broken, with too many New Yorkers struggling to lead full, dignified lives without fear of getting sick, finding stable work, or losing their homes. But too often, our crumbling housing, carceral, education, and healthcare systems compound the oppression of trans, queer, and nonbinary people. In order to fully acheive queer liberation, we must directly address the attacks on queer and trans rights, along with ensuring our housing, healthcare, and education system are intersectional and provide dignity for all.

Kristen Gonzalez at a pride parade

Equality for All

  • Pass the Equality Amendment too New York State’s constitution to ensure equal rights for all in New York regardless of sex, sexuality, gender identity and expression, race, and disability.
  • Pass the Stop Violence in the Sex Trades Act to decriminalize and destigmatize sex work by removing criminal penalties and cleaning records for past offenses. Sex workers are often disporportionaltely LGBTQ+ and face higher levels of police violence, harrassment, and incarceration.
  • While working towards decarceration , ensure that incarcerated trans and non-binary people are placed in facilitites that align with their gender identity with full access to supportive and gender-affirming healthcare.
  • Pass Record Relief (S04981) to expand the relief available to survivors of human trafficking who have criminal records for crimes their traffickers have compelled them to commit.
  • Support unionization efforts and strengthen harassment and discrimination protections so that every LGBTQ+ New Yorker has a right to safety and respect in the workplace.
  • Hold police accountable for the harassment, profiling, and harm of trans, queer, and gender nonconforming people that persists despite department changes.
  • End police harassment of queer people by decriminalizing sex work, defunding the NYPD, divesting from jails and prisons, and reinvesting those savings in appropriate social services.

Homes for All

  • Pass Good Cause Eviction to help end landlord discrimination against LGBTQ+ renters and keep trans and queer New Yorkers in their homes.
  • Pass the LGBT Long-term Care Residents Bill of Rights. LGBT elders are at higher risk of elder abuse and neglect compared to their straight and cisgender counterparts. They are also vulnerable to unique forms of mistreatment due to their identity. This law would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and HIV status in long-term care facilities.

Healthcare for All

  • Pass the New York Health Act to ensure that LGBTQ+ New Yorkers can access mental health care, gender affirming care, PrEP, HIV treatments, mental health services, and all other healthcare needs without fearing affordability and work to expand access to healthcare, mental health services, and PrEP until its passage.
  • Protect the bodily autonomy of intersex people by banning medically unnecessary surgeries on intersex children who are too young to give informed consent.
  • Pass the FIRE HATE Act, which protects people who travel to New York to receive gender affirming or reproductive healthcare from legal action by their home state. Given the attacks on trans people and supportive parents of trans children, it is vital that New York State protects the bodily autonomy of those who are most vulnerable.

Youth & Education

  • Support the creation of a LGBT Youth Suicide Prevention Task Force to help end the prevalence of suicide and suicidal ideation among queer, trans, and non-binary youth.
  • Fight back against queer and trans discrimination in our public schools, attacks like the Don’t Say Gay bill in Florida and ban on transgender girls in sports, by taking steps to make our public school system a safe, inclusive environment for all queer, trans and non-binary youth.
  • Support comprehensive sex eduction that is fully inclusive of LGBTQ+ students — many of whom are at risk of harassment, suicide, and homelessness — to help queer youth better understand themselves and form healthy relationships in their life going forward.

Our BIG Plans For Albany

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Green New York

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Restore Healthcare

People shouldn’t have to decide between a trip to the emergency room and putting food on the table. We must provide single-payer health care in New York State.

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