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Tech worker, Queens native, and Community Organizer. Running in State Senate District 59.
Vote August 23rd.

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My name is Kristen Gonzalez. I’m a tech worker who grew up organizing in this city, and I’m running for state Senate as part of a larger movement.

Kristen Gonzalez in Albany speaking in front of activists holding Public Power signs

I was raised in a one-bedroom apartment in Elmhurst, Queens by a single mom from Puerto Rico. At 12, I won a scholarship to a wealthy prep school on the Upper East Side.

For years, I commuted between two New Yorks: one for the rich and wealthy few, and one for working-class and immigrant families like mine.

I’ve spent the last ten years organizing to change things, from working in the Obama White House to launching campaigns to lower our rents, tackle the climate crisis, and build mutual aid networks to help one another in COVID.

I'm running in the new state Senate District 59, which includes the neighborhoods of Astoria, Long Island City, Greenpoint, Kips Bay, StuyTown, Gramercy, Williamsburg and Murray Hill.

I believe that a better future is possible — one worth fighting for.

Kristen Gonzalez in Albany speaking in front of activists holding Public Power signs

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Our representatives in Albany are putting the profits of millionaire landlords and power plant owners before our lives and our futures. That’s why our campaign rejects all corporate and fossil fuel donations.

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Our BIG Plans For Albany

Reimagine Housing

People shouldn’t have to struggle to keep a roof over their head while landlords get rich by raising rents. We must guarantee housing as a human right

Learn More

Green New York

People shouldn’t have to breathe poisoned air or die in flooded basements while fossil fuel companies make billions killing our planet. We must build publicly-owned renewable energy.

Learn More

Restore Healthcare

People shouldn’t have to decide between a trip to the emergency room and putting food on the table. We must provide single-payer health care in New York State.

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Read our Queer Liberation platform and Labor platform. More platforms to come.

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