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Kristen Gonzalez at marching in street for good cause

Green New York Platform

The climate crisis isn’t just coming — it’s here. At just one degree of warming, we’ve witnessed fires across the West Coast, deep freezes in Texas, and flash floods like Tropical Storm Ida last summer, which took at least 43 lives. People shouldn’t have to breathe poisoned air or die in flooded basements while fossil fuel companies make billions killing our planet.

The latest IPCC report warns us in the clearest terms that the time for major, sweeping climate action is now. Yet year after year, our electeds have given us lip service and failed promises that New York will be a climate leader. The truth is, we are not even halfway to our 2015 renewable energy goals, and New York State has gone nearly three years without climate action.

Another world is not just possible — it is necessary. New Yorkers can’t keep up with stagnant wages, rising rents, and ballooning costs of fracked gas on our power bills — and our futures feel more uncertain than ever. To solve the dual crises of climate and inequality, we need to tax the rich to invest an upwards of $15 billion in climate, from fixing our crumbling public transit to stopping projects like the North Brooklyn Pipeline and building public, renewable energy.

End Fossil Fuels

  • Fight to stop all new fossil fuel infrastructure projects and end the myth of “bridge” fossil fuels like fracked gas, including halting the North Brooklyn Pipeline.
  • Pass the Clean Futures Act (S5939A) to prevent the state from approving any new fossil fuel plants.
  • Pass the Fossil Fuel Subsidy Elimination Act (S7438), which repeals over $330 million in tax exemptions provided by the state to the fossil fuel industry.
  • Reject all fossil fuel and private utility money such as Con Edison — and fight to make their contributions toxic.
  • Close existing fossil fuel infrastructure in and near the district, including the Ravenswood Generating Station, New York City’s largest power plant.

Public Power

  • Pass the Build Public Renewables Act to rapidly build out publicly-owned, union-built wind and solar energy through the New York Power Authority.
  • Reduce Con Edison bills by immediately moving New York State off dirty and expensive fossil fuels like fracked gas and instead transitioning to wind and solar.
  • Pass the Clean Futures Act to ban new and major fossil fuel infrastructure.
  • Fight to take New York’s energy system under public and democratic control, as states like Nebraska have done.

Green Homes & Green Neighborhoods

  • Fight for tenant protections like Good Cause and the right for renters and homeowners to stay in their home.
  • Tax the rich to green existing homes and allow every New Yorker to move to renewable heat, induction stoves, and energy-efficient upgrades.
  • Support a Green New Deal for Public Housing to upgrade existing public housing through green retrofits to make them safer, more comfortable, and zero carbon.
  • Fight to fully fund, repair, and greatly expand our public housing stock — and protect it from privatization.
  • Pass the All-Electric Building Act (S6843A) to move new buildings in New York State to renewable heat.
  • Expand public access to land and waterfronts and support the creation of new, accessible and enjoyable public spaces like parks and community land trusts.
  • Transition all New York public schools net-zero through deep retrofits and the installation of renewable energy and battery storage.
  • Pass the Teachers Fossil Fuel Divestment Act (S4783A) to require New York’s retirement system to divest from fossil fuel holdings.ings.

People-Centered Transit

  • Immediately expand the MTA across Brooklyn and Queens, including new bus lanes and select bus service.
  • Electrify New York City’s bus fleet.
  • Bring rail service to unserved and underserved parts of the district, such as the proposed QueensLink project.
  • Move to make the subways and buses fare-free to encourage ridership and discourage private vehicle use.
  • Ban traffic from major roads to improve bus, bike, and pedestrian transit and make our streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

See more on transit soon.

Union Jobs, Green Futures

  • Require that all state-funded projects be prevailing wage and fight to protect worker power and union labor.
  • Ensure pathways for job training, with good salaries, as part of a just transition off of fossil fuels.

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