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Education Platform

Education is a human right. It’s why our schools are one of our greatest public institutions. But for many families, the right to a free, quality education to help their kids thrive is still out of reach. Every New Yorker — especially Black, brown, and low-income communities often left behind — deserves an education that will give them the tools they need to grow, succeed, and prepare for a changing world. In the state Senate, I’ll work to increase funding for our public schools, cancel student debt, and fight for the inclusive curriculum our diverse families deserve.

Freedom to Learn

  • Fight for a New Deal for CUNY (S4461) to reverse five decades of budget cuts and tuition to make CUNY tuition-free once more, rebuild crumbling facilities, end adjunct exploitation, and hire much-needed mental health and advising staff.
  • Pass Universal Childcare (S7595) to fund childcare for every New York family that is universal and free at the point of service, just like our public school system, and protects fair wages for early childhood education workers. Right now in New York, many parents have no access to affordable or quality care, and many providers earn below the minimum wage.
  • Stop charter school expansion (S676) and keep public dollars in public schools.
  • Reinstate Tuition Assistance Program grants (S4464), which help incarcerated people earn their post-secondary degree and bring dignity and opportunity to them once home.
  • Fund schools equally across all neighborhoods and income levels instead of relying on property taxes that subsidize wealthy families at the expense of others.

Freedom to Thrive

  • Fight alongside Congressman Jamaal Bowman for a Green New Deal for Public Schools to make our schools healthier by removing mold and asbestos problems, greener by removing them to renewable energy, and fully funded by hiring more counselors and teachers.
  • Make our public school system a safe, inclusive environment for all students by ending discrimination, reducing classroom sizes, and making sure every New York school is fully and equally funded.
  • Improve our public curriculum and create a commission (S1135A) to design a program that highlights African American struggles and achievements, like the woman's abolitionist movement and the Harlem Renaissance.
  • Fight for comprehensive sex education studies that are fully inclusive of LGBTQ+ students.

Freedom from Debt

  • Fight for the complete cancellation of all student loan debt.
  • Fight alongside parents and teachers to undo decades of budget cuts by fully and completely funding our public schools from pres-school through university and permanently ending the debt crisis that’s resulted.
  • Pass the loan forgiveness programs like those for New York State employees (S2471A).

Our BIG Plans For Albany

Reimagine Housing

People shouldn’t have to struggle to keep a roof over their head while landlords get rich by raising rents. We must guarantee housing as a human right

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Green New York

People shouldn’t have to breathe poisoned air or die in flooded basements while fossil fuel companies make billions killing our planet. We must build publicly-owned renewable energy.

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Restore Healthcare

People shouldn’t have to decide between a trip to the emergency room and putting food on the table. We must provide single-payer health care in New York State.

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